The timber on overlap cladding is placed one on top of another so each of the boards overlap to create a panel. These usually have more of a ‘rustic’ look. If you are looking for a building to use for storage or general garden use then you may find our range of overlap sheds desirable.


Shiplap which can also be known as Matchings is a V groove board , where a panel is created from planks of interlocking wood. This timber is planed to allow smooth panels which join with ease, giving the build a neater and sturdier finish. We have a wide range of sheds, playhouses, kennels and tool stores all offering benefits of quality and affordability.


Loglap is  a tongue and groove cladding which has a slightly curved finish where the tongue meets the groove and is thicker than shiplap/matchings. We have an extensive range all built with versatility, strength and durability in mind, to serve any purpose,from a summer house to a workshop or storage shed.